TIQ has a clear purpose – to provide professional and personal training for support staff, the hidden heroes behind an organization’s ongoing success. Support staff are the clockmakers of any company or organization, constantly keeping processes and procedures ticking over, never stopping. They work tirelessly to strive for company excellence but not always seen as a front line employee. And what they are longing for more and more is a sense of ownership and belonging in their workplace, the need for more feedback and growth on their professional and personal development.

Most leaders would agree that investing in people is important.  However, when it comes to training everyone in the company – managers baulk at the idea. And would you blame them. Training is costly.  Some companies especially start-ups may not even have a budget for it.

But development planning for people doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.  At its core, it’s a matter of good leaders taking the one-to-one time to understand each of their members, recognize their skills, strengths knowledge and needs, and then guide them in the right direction to unleash their hidden talents.   Every leader of people also understands that appreciating employees is motivating to any member of the team and has a fantastic effect on morale.   Most times however, we overlook the forgotten few – our support team.

This common feeling was later confirmed when we carried out extensive research and observation in working with many organizations. We found that most company initiatives, training and incentives were not adequately focused enough on support staff, the people that most times go unnoticed.   We asked hundreds of support staff from several industries what their employers do to help them grow and develop in their jobs and found some astonishing gaps.  Some people reported that companies satisfy their needs for on-the-job development and that they appreciate opportunities, such as promotions and an increase in responsibility.   However an astonishing 74% found that they’re not getting much in the way of formal development, mentoring and coaching – things they also value highly. Yearly or quarterly reviews just weren’t going to cut it anymore.

So we wondered how can a support member grow and develop without some kind of continuous training. A professional athlete doesn’t win without any coaching and training – right?.  So why should support staff be any different.  Why would we forget about their needs?  Every person has a hidden talent regardless of rank and status. It takes a great leader to help unleash these talents. Good leaders appreciate people -Great leaders make people belong.  And people care for the success of the company they work in – if you take a genuine interest in them too.

So we wanted to make a small change to work culture and inclusiveness. We wanted to create something new to support staff, a powerful incentive.  It had to be something that would continually impel progress from within. More importantly it had to be real and it had to have meaning behind it.


TiQ is the world’s first automated micro learning platform dedicated for support staff.  Based on consultation with a 100 high-performing managers, alongside research and best practice distilled from our extensive experience of working with senior leaders around the globe, it sets out the abilities, knowledge, skills and mind-set that a person needs to become a top performer and aspiring leader.  The GLLS Competency Framework – the only framework of this kind, is a unique customised and powerful program. It consists of 18 modules, ranging from self-awareness to building relationships, from project management to change management, built like a jigsaw. Each piece is designed to connect each distinct skill set at a time, assisting employee growth and development 365 days a year.   And the cost? TIQ wasn’t built for big profits. We built it for a different purpose entirely – for future learning and personal growth.  We also built it so the platform would be the most affordable on the market. The GLLS Program costs USD $59.99 for a year on the platform. That’s our price promise.


Remember you grow a company by growing your people. Talk to us today and let us tell you how we can help your company retain key people and help your support staff get on the right track.