“Before you become a leader, success is all about growing yourself. After you become a leader, success is about growing others.” – Jack Welch (CEO, General Electric)


“In the past 8 months” one member wrote recently ” my productivity and desire to learn has increased by 21.4%. This course has been the foundation of my personal and professional development”







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Dear Reader

Twelve years ago a company setup in London with just 5 people, expanding to 50 people in just 3 years. The company had a great brand, an extraordinary vision, trendy offices and a great work culture.  Competitors were envious of their growth.

As the company expanded there was the need to hire full time trainers to the business to provide learning and development for everyone. But as the company kept growing, the learning and development team were snowed under with training, which resulted in some people getting left behind. Those forgotten few were working in a supporting and back office role looking to develop their talents and work on their skills to take them to the next level.  Receiving sporadic training wasn’t helping them to develop these skills as quickly as they wanted to.  They wanted to feel engaged and play their part too in the business.

Leaders and managers wanted to stand by the I in Diversity and Inclusiveness. They had a business to grow and high standards to keep.

The challenge was having a culture where all employees felt included, ensuring that those different voices are heard and valued and that they contribute to the performance too.

One day they found their answer when they heard of TIQ.   


Retain, engage and develop your people


What Made The Difference? 

All of us like to think we are different, but very few of us want to be treated differently. Yet, we all know someone who is.  As companies compete in ever aggressive markets, it is very often these groups who can make or break a relationship, and their actions and attitudes can have both a positive or negative impact on customers, colleagues and ultimately the business. 

 As the faces and voices of your brand, support and  back-office employees are the hidden heroes behind any organization’s ongoing success. They work tirelessly and proudly for your company, and employers need to find ways to strengthen the pillar of their company, and to explore ways to engage, include and grow with them too.  Giving these teams a sense of ownership and individual structured professional and personal development is one important step.

Creating all all-inclusive learning environment makes better business decisions 87% of the time.

TIQ  Group help businesses grow their people.  TIQ is the single best source for news and updates on personal and career development  and where we take learns from the worlds most influential leaders  and entrepreneurs. The GLLS program is the only one of its kind. Check it out here.  Be Brilliant – Invest in your people and watch their growth explode.  I hope it brings positive changes to your business and everyone feels a sense of belonging in the company.   I wish your business continued luck for the future. 

The platform that gets your thinking TIQ Group



 Caoimhe Duggan

Founder, TIQ Group

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.”  —Harvey Firestone




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When people grow your company grows.

The GLLS program includes a broad range of information of interest and significance to business and savvy-minded people. Not just tips and tricks, but anything and everything in the whole, fast-moving world of development.  TIQ  is the platform that really gets people thinking.

We offer an extra learning incentive that has meaning and a long-term impact for each and every employee, within a framework where they can continually learn and progress, bringing positive results to the business.

Subscribers get a 360 overall review on how businesses operate and what it takes to become the best. One of the best incentives to give to people before taking putting them on a full-time management course. 

People are training themselves for skills which businesses cannot do without, through the GLLS program. Built into the GLLS program are the experiences and methods which have made many businesses most successful.

Subscribers  adopt the knowledge of other great men and women and profit by other people’s mistakes and success. They learn in months what ordinarily takes years.

Companies and leaders experience better performance as staff apply new approaches and techniques in becoming more efficient in their everyday jobs.

Put our statements to the proof by subscribing your heroes to the entire program for just $59.99. Watch their personal growth explode.

The program that gets people really thinking.. and fast.

How does the program work?  Our GLLS program sets out the 18 core and functional competences it takes to help people become the best in their position. Our unique and powerful program is built like a jigsaw, each piece designed to connect each distinct skill set at a time, assisting their growth and development throughout the year.  It consists of 18 automated inter-related modules ranging from self-awareness to building relationships and from project management to change management.  Modules are released every 2 weeks and each one takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete depending on the individual.  And it works on any smart device.

“Give the gift of learning”

The GLLS program can be used as an extra on-boarding tool for new hires or an employee benefit, giving them the extra pillar of support to grow, learn and develop on the job.  It gets people on the right track to become the best in their position whilst also helping contribute to the performance of your business. Alternatively you can pay it forward and gift this program to someone that you might feel needs it. Check out our gift page below.

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Experience the joy of rapid progress instead of moderate progress in your people and watch the business grow and succeed . A moments decision or a quick call is all you need. Anyone who is interested in the future of their people and  business will click on the “SIGNUP” button below and sign up their heroes for the GLLS Program. If you already have an existing learning platform and looking to mix our content with yours, then contact us at [email protected]  62% of our users are completing the entire program.


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“A motivating training program for anyone who dares to think differently”

“I never knew this existed until someone mentioned it the other week. A very clever program with some great stories to tell. You won’t regret spending money on this little gem.  It’s certainly putting me on the right track towards achieving my goals.”

Tommy Bryne,  DCC, Ireland

“Bloody awesome – One week in and already I am starting to make changes.”

Emma O’Callaghan ,  Sales Manager, Singapore

“I heard from Shawn that the course helped him define himself and helped him make decisions about his future.  Thanks to you and your team.”

Agnes,  Helping Others, Singapore

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