Mind maps used for setting a large office space

Have you ever wondering about the steps involved when setting up setting up an office from scratch or relocating an existing office.  There are a few rules to follow that will ensure that this office is the most organized one you’ve had.  Like with any move, transitions are inherently challenging, but also set the stage for a fresh beginning.

The question I’m asked most often about moves is “Should I organize before or after the move?”  The right answer of course would be to organize before the move. There’s not one good reason to move things that you won’t use on the other side.  It’s a much easier and smoother transition when you feel a bit more organized.  That’s why we put together a mind map of everything involved for the office move . I guarantee if you organize before the move, and get your mind map in place, the chances are you are least likely to forget any part of the office move/build


A mind map will also forces  you to evaluate everything you already have and make decisions on what future requirements you need.  It’s both the big pieces and smallest of items that create your desired atmosphere.  Take a look at our example below