Self-awareness seems to have become a big topic lately especially in the digital world we live in. Research shows that when we become more self-aware, we see ourselves more clearly, we are more confident, more innovative and creative. We make sounder decisions, build stronger relationships, communicate and network more effectively. We’re less likely to tell white lies or cheat, as we become more authentic in our own skin. We are more effective at work, get results easier and we get promoted faster. And with self-awareness we can grow to become more-effective leaders with more-satisfied team members and more-profitable companies.

It doesn´t matter what your goals, aspirations, career ambitions and dreams are, developing self-awareness is the first step to getting you there.


The aim of this Module is to help develop your greater self awareness levels.  This is the first step on your journey to becoming the best you can be – a top performer.  We highly recommend you invest in a journal/diary and a few peaceful hours by yourself to answer some deep rooted questions on where you want to be. Don’t skim over this module because if there is one thing that will help you over the course of your career and personal development it’s this lesson – Self Awareness. We can’t stress that enough – so make sure you have set some time aside, get a pen and paper handy and think about you – only you.