“The most effective way to do it, is

to do it.”

Amelia Earhart

Mind-maps enhance and improve learning.


They are highly effective and can increase your productivity significantly. It has also proven to be a highly effective tool when you feel the project you are working on becomes overwhelming. If you create a mind-map for the project or goal and maintain this one commitment, you’ll naturally overcome the fears and other psychological responses often associated with changes, such as procrastination, fear and feelings of resistance. Instead of attempting to achieve increasingly big steps, your challenge should be quite the opposite.

Not only that, mind-mapping has the following  incredible uses in Training, design, leadership management  brainstorming .revision .project management negotiations, Strategy Risk Management, Communication Creativity,  Teaching  Memory,  Concentration, Brainstorming, and solving problems. 


Ask yourself?

Getting organized: An obvious one but shouldn’t be underestimated. You can use mind maps to create to-do lists and ensure you never forget an important deadline.   

Note-taking: Can’t keep up with your manager? Mind-mapping offers a quick and easy short hand for developing ideas as your manager discusses them.

Brainstorm: Got a big project but not sure where to start? Got a big office move for example. Mind-mapping allows you to develop ideas quickly and in a more logical way. It allows you to change, link, delink ideas and reorganize as you gather your thoughts and analyze the project on hand.  

Keep adding: With a mind-map there is no limit to how much information you can add. The more you read and come across, the more you can add to your mind-map as relevant. You can use mind maps on a monthly basis or one full project 

Group Projects: A mind map can make it much easier to visualize what needs to be done, and work together with your team mates to accomplish all tasks. Most software applications allow you to share the project and you can add each person to their assigned roles ensuring all tasks are completed on time 

Mind maps are designed to help you remember.!