Setting goals and making New Year’s resolutions – are two of the most upheld habits we, as humans, believe in. We naturally become very enthusiastic with setting new resolutions, even pinning the sticky note of resolutions right on the fridge door, yet most of us just don’t get around to accomplishing the goals that really matter.

It’s accepted, perhaps because of the short-lived mojo or maybe because along the way, circumstances change and newer challenges steal our attention altogether. The problem isn’t about the saddening list of objectives met or the circumstances that forced a complete abandonment of these goals. The real issue lies on the lost willpower required to see off the goals, often resulting from the reluctance to keep sticking to them. We simply lose focus of the vision along the way!  This can apply to your work goals also.

At your workplace, does the organisation have a set of values and visions or a mission statement that everyone adheres to?

Imagine if you could transfer the same energy you often use to recite the mission statement of your employer on accomplishing your own goals also? Wouldn’t we at least achieve most of those goals. Your vision is a product of your own desires, hopes, dreams, and values. And once you have a vision in place and you are truly dedicated to seeing it become a reality, massive amounts of energy, passion, and commitment will help see you achieving the goals to getting there.