How to delegate

Setting goals or objectives forms the foundation for effective time management. This is because it provides focus and direction, it helps to prioritize tasks and it helps to manage time more effectively. When setting goals or objectives, you should follow the SMART principles. This means they should be Specific (clear and precise), Measurable (able to be quantified), Attainable (realistic and possible to attain), Relevant (applicable to the task or project) and Time-based (within a specified time period).

SMART Goals/Objectives

Take a look below at examples of what looks like SMART clear goals and those ones that are unclear.

SMART goals/objectives

  • To achieve a turnover of £60,000 by Dec 31st 20XX
  • To gain 25 new clients by March 31st 20XX
  • To reduce operating costs by £5,000 by December 20XX

Unclear goals/objectives

  • To increase sales each year
  • To ensure the number of clients increases on a monthly basis
  • To reduce costs by 5%