Your Blueprint for the future.

Martin Luther King - What is your Blueprint

by Martin Luther King

Many of us will just drift along and let our career and life just happen as it comes. As we move on in years, we tend to go through a period of self-reflection and question what’s really going on and what are we really here to do? Think for a moment – have you ever gone on social media and started comparing yourself more and more to your successful friends and co-workers?  You may start feeling increasingly regretful and self-conscious.  You may feel this strong drive to live with more purpose, but you don’t even know what that purpose is. It feels like you are stuck in an endless traffic jam just trying to get from point A point to B. As humans as we strive for constant happiness and success.

Like all good artists, we need a blueprint to help achieve our vision. Aksing ourselves what is the end goal and how will we get there Writing out our blueprint is highly valuable because it forms a clearer picture of your desired reality. Without the blueprint it can become quite difficult to complete your goals.  

With that said, let’s burst out a paper and pen and answer the following:


Ask yourself:

Do you know where you are going in your career and what is your plan for the next couple of years?  

Are you goals achievable and are you taking action towards those goals?




  1. Do you have a blueprint for the next couple of years?
  2. Do you know where you are going?
  3. Do you know what you want?
  4. Do you know how to get it?

“We have the ability to write the blueprint for our own goals, and decide how we want to pursue them. If we allow others to do it for us, we won’t achieve our full potential to be the best we can be.” Ellen J. Barrier