The Magic of Thinking Big Summary


Success is determined not so much by the size of one’s brain as it is by the size of one’s thinking.

Case history after case history proved that the size of bank accounts, the size of happiness accounts, and the size of one’s general satisfaction account is dependent on the size of one’s thinking. There is magic in thinking big. Think Big and you’ll live big. You’ll live big in happiness. You’ll live big in accomplishment. Big in income.  Big in friends.  Big in respect. Start now, right now, to discover how to make your thinking make magic for you. Start out with this thought of the great philosopher Disraeli: ‘Life is too short to be little.”- David J. Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big


Schwartz wrote one of the best personal growth books of all time, The Magic of Thinking Big.  The Magic of Thinking Big contains the secrets to getting the most out of your career, your relationship and life in general.  Schwartz tells us that we need to upgrade our thinking in order to upgrade our life. Before we can achieve BIG things, we have to think, BIG things.

Schwartz sees success as little to do with intelligence, coming from a rich background, being lucky, or whatever. He writes that success is determined by the size of one’s thinking.  You simply need to think in a way that cultivates success. He offers countless strategies to help us upgrade our way of thinking and become more successful in everything we do.  By thinking big you can trigger ways to improve yourself, your work life, earn more money and get more happiness and fulfillment out of life.

In this summary, we will look at 12 of his BEST ideas. We highly recommend you read the entire book over the next few weeks but here is a summary to get you started.

The main premise of this book is “Believe you can and you will.” The book unveils reasons why believing is the main key to success and why we are capable of achieving goals that we have set.



This book is for those who:


  • Want to know how they can become successful
  • Are interested in achieving long term and short term goals
  • Wants to sustain long term happiness



David Schwartz has provided the following tips on how to think and take the appropriate action.


  1. Take action now. Don’t wait for conditions to be perfect.
  2. Avoid excuses
  3. Avoid negativity


The book contains secrets of how you can get the most out of your life including marriage, job and other areas of your life. He explains why you don’t have to be incredibly intelligent to get the success that you want. He has also outlined that you only need to think in a positive way that will bring success.

With this book, you will be able to improve your life, get more income and experience increased happiness and fulfillment in your life.


Believe you will succeed and you will


David tells us that the “I CAN” attitude is very powerful. Everything is possible when you believe it’s possible. Success is not luck. The size of your success will mainly be determined by the size of your belief. When you think of little goals, you should expect little achievements,  big goals, however, will ultimately bring huge success. Most successful people are ordinary people who have believed in themselves that they actually can do it.

Think of success at all times and avoid all negative thoughts. Regardless of whether you are at your home or at work, substitute all negative thoughts with positive thoughts. For instance, when you are faced with a difficult situation, you should think “I will make it” and NOT “I will probably lose.” When you are about to compete with someone, you should believe you are equal to the very best instead of thinking you are outclassed. When an opportunity comes up, think of how you can do it rather than why you can’t do it. Master your thoughts with (“I CAN”)

Doubt is a negative power. When the mind has doubts and other negative beliefs, it attracts various reasons to support the doubts. To achieve any goal in your life, you must believe that you can indeed make it.


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Buy the book. You won’t regret it


David Joseph Schwartz, Jr. was an American motivational writer and coach, best known for authoring The Magic of Thinking Big in 1959. He was a professor of marketing, chairman of the department, and Chair of Consumer Finance at Georgia State University. Wikipedia