One of the Best Career Books to help kickstart your career

“No Limits – The Secrets and Skills of Successful People”

Angela Davis, an American activist, philosopher and author, once said, “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” It resonates with me because there are so many problems in the world to solve and I don’t have an answer for everything. I can, however, take on one issue that means so much to me, I can fix it, and then I can serve it to the world. For me, we can transform the system for the greater good, bit by bit. You just have to find your bit and fix it. Mine was to write one of the best career books to help with people starting out. 

 My bit (purpose) came to me when I started working overseas back in 2009. Most leaders would agree that investing in their people is vital to the success of their business. However, I noticed a pattern was happening throughout many companies around the world, and it bothered me. Many people get overlooked in personal development training and mentoring, especially those starting out in junior positions or working in supporting roles. They work so hard for the business, but others may see their jobs as menial. The receptionist gets overlooked, the admin staff gets overlooked, the secretary gets overlooked, and the store’s cashier gets overlooked. The list is endless. After I researched further into the problem, an astonishing 74% said that they weren’t getting any mentoring at all, something they valued highly in the workplace.

When I got to the root of the problem, many heads and managers said they didn’t have the time or money to train everybody in the business; it’s a costly affair. Some groups from start-ups to small enterprises don’t even have a budget for training. Others would say they only provide mentoring for those that generate revenue to the business. So, there you have it. Much of the problem came down to time and money. But how more profitable, innovative and thriving businesses could be, if everybody were made to feel inclusive and given some form of coaching and guidance.? This would be my legacy; to find a solution and provide learning and development to everyone at the start of their career.

Oprah Winfrey put it best to her friend Gayle King during an interview in a live edition of The OG Chronicles about the COVID-19 pandemic, when she suggested, “I think now, more than ever, I will not look at people who do the so-called “menial” jobs the same again or the so-called grunt work.” You got that right Oprah; we need change. Our future generation wants a together society where everyone, including the under-represented groups, gets access to learning and their fair share of opportunities. Otherwise, the gap to inequality will keep rising.

So, after travelling halfway around the world and working with many influential people, I wondered why people didn’t have a career book in their library when they begin their first job? Something parents or managers can happily give when people are starting on their career journey. Nothing boring, but something unique about skills that are sought after, both in and out of the workplace. Lessons we learned in our 30s and 40s but wished we knew in our 20s. It would contain stories from people from all walks of life, from dreamers to achievers, those who failed time and time again but kept progressing and those who were consistent in their goals.

I dedicate this book to all the hidden heroes behind an organisation’s ongoing success – the admin people, the receptionists, the customer service staff, the juniors, those who don’t have a voice or starting your career.  I can’t give you a physical mentor, but I can give you some great insights to help kick-start your profession, and I hope it helps you find your “bit” to solve in the world. We are all part of creating the future. I hope every business can provide a book like this to those starting out on their career journey.




The book is simple. It gives you all the secrets and skills to stand out from the rest. It doesn’t matter what occupation you are pursuing. You could be an office worker, a wannabe entrepreneur, an MMA fighter, a lawyer, a teacher, a graduate or a barista. “No Limits – The Secrets and Skills of Successful People” focuses on helping you reach your greatest potential. This book will act as both your mentor and compass.

Inside contains a fine collection of extraordinary stories, secrets and lessons learned from the many inspirational leaders, entrepreneurs and athletes of our time. Some of these figures may be controversial, and you might not agree with everything they say or do. But it’s when you take all those small nuggets of information from them, and you piece them together and apply them to your life, then you end up with a pot of gold. Many of these true stories told will remain with you forever.

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