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Set yourself apart from others – Prepare for a better future

The GLLS personal development course includes the top 25 development skills significant to any business and savvy-minded people.  It’s built like a jigsaw, giving you stepping stone mentor moments to become successful.

Learn all the top soft skills competencies employers look for in great talent.

Eradicate bad habits from your life. Improve your productivity, creative thinking, your work-life balance and mental health.

Take the power back from social media. Build better relationships, inside and outside the workplace.

Develop core skills and become more valuable – help drive revenue, reduce costs and increase efficiency to any business.

Become advanced at running projects, solving problems, embracing change and be future focused.

Get the top 30 book summaries of all time, recommended by top leaders and entrepreneurs.

1 Lesson every 2 weeks – No exams. No tests. Fully automated and works on any smart device, anytime, anywhere. Free.

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66 days to build great habits

Experience the joy of rapid progress instead of moderate progress. Anyone who is interested in their future will click on the “SIGNUP” button below and register for this personal development program. It is placed there for a purpose – to separate the mass of drifters to the few who are really asking themselves “Where am I going to be 5 years from now”


Great Habits – Great Mind – Great Life

“A motivating personal developing course for anyone who dares to think differently”

If you want to look at areas for personal growth, ideas and improvement, this this is the course for you

Tommy Bryne,  DCC, Ireland

“Bloody awesome – One week in and already I am starting to make changes.”

Emma O’Callaghan ,  Sales Manager, Singapore

“I heard from Shawn that the course helped him define himself and helped him make decisions about his future.  Thanks to you and your team.”

Agnes,  Helping Others, Singapore

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Learn to manage self skills and your own personal development.  Register now for the best personal development course with a few clicks for instant access.  Start your climb to the top today.


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