Retaining Key People


From time to time we tend to move on from our jobs for a number of reasons, but one common trait comes to the forefront which is we have either outgrown the company and we no longer feel challenged.  It’s not always about the salary. We as humans, strive for constant challenge.  Deep down we are winners and want to show off our talent to the world.

Sometimes though we come across some obstacles that stop us from reaching our full potential and companies should consider changing it up a little in order to retain great staff. There is a war for talent at the moment and rather than blaming the competition perhaps take a look at some internal controls. Make these small changes and you may just make a difference.

  • We need move from the archaic style management. We should refrain from measuring employees every day, thrashing KPI’s down ones neck and allow them to measure their own goals. We should learn to move away from micro managing and only consider it if there is a serious issue or no movement of improvement. It’s a bit like your other half, can you imagine someone continuously nagging day in day out. They get so sick of your pestering that eventually one leaves. Give them space and allow them to develop. The same applies to work.

  • For HR and Team leaders it should be all about communication, and building one-to-one relationships with colleagues. Sit down 3-4 times a year, set some common goals/ambitions and review every couple of months to see you are both on track.  Make them exciting challenges and more importantly make them fun!

  • New millennials are now looking for valid feedback on their skills and development. Encourage employees for feedback. Getting valid and useful feedback is essential to learning. And learning is the master skill. Take constructive feedback from employees and suggestions on what one can change in the organization. Believe in openness and communication and organizations will prevail.

  • People work a lot harder for things they are passionate about and rarely need micro managing or daily KPI’s. When people start to care they will work hard for you. Branding and company vision is critical in anyone’s business. Ensure you have the right branding, the right mission, and strong core values. Without a mission it’s difficult to achieve one’s goal. Make sure your company has one. It’s a must..

  • A key to absolute success is to create a Learning and Development initiative just as ambitions and robust as its business strategy. If a company provides its people with the right tools to learn and grow, well there’s an accomplishment already achieved.

  • High performance people are generally self-improving through experience, observation, reading and discussion. Allow employees to manage their own career growth, and not rely on a corporation for “planning” their careers. Give them guidance but also help them drive their own growth.


Remember you grow a company by growing people. Just make sure you provide them a job with some great challenges and an environment they won’t want to leave.