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The GLLS program can be used as an extra on-boarding tool for new hires or an employee benefit, giving them the extra pillar of support to grow, learn and develop on the job.  It gets people on the right track to become the best in their position whilst also helping contribute to the performance of your business. Alternatively you can pay it forward and gift this personal development program to someone that you might feel needs it. Check out our gift page below.


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Personal Development Training is intended to improve people’s future, by increasing professional skills sets: Make the right decisions. Think outside the box. Be Future Focused. Communicate with clarity. Understand Team Dynamics. Solve problems and handle conflict situations. Improve self-confidence, inspire and empower others.


A person may possess the technical skills or the know-how theory but lack the self-confidence and assuredness to be all they can be. Through our Grow, Learn Lead Succeed personal development training course, we help to build confidence and unlock the bigger potential on a very different level. 


Experience the joy of rapid progress using this automated personal development training program. 25 top soft skills built into one course. We put employees in the driving seat of their own development. This is by far, one of the strongest development courses to give to any team member starting out. Our training program helps you Identify and develop high potentials at an early stage, helps increase productivity and create an all-inclusive culture.


 TIQ is the platform that gets people really thinking. Our users learn more in 6 months than 6 years.  We offer an extra learning incentive that has meaning and a long-term impact for each and every employee, within a framework that makes sense and where they can continually learn and progress, bringing positive results to your business.


Built into the GLLS personal development training program, are the experiences and methods which have made many companies most successful. Our users are training themselves for skills that a business cannot do without, through this clever automated program.


Users can access the program on any smart device, in their own time, anytime, anywhere around the world.


The whole program costs $59.99. No hidden costs. No gimmicks.


By signing up to the most affordable personal development training program in the world, we help you build an all-inclusive learning culture, ensuring no one gets left behind.  Creating all all-inclusive learning environment makes better business decisions 87% of the time.


Our Personal development training program will help you get the best your people. Retain, engage and develop your employees with the strongest automated personal development training course. 

“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.” – Sam Walton

“In the past 8 months, my productivity and desire to learn has exploded. This course has been the absolute foundation of my personal and career development. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” Tommy Bryne 




Our mission is to empower the lives of millions of people by providing the strongest personal development program for everyone, regardless of rank or position in the business



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Experience the joy of rapid progress instead of moderate progress in your people and watch the business grow. If you already have an existing learning platform and want to use our program then contact us at [email protected]  62% of our users are completing the entire program.



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