Personal Development Singapore

“What we think, we become” Buddha

Skills for Success

Today’s marketplace is a challenging one. There are plenty of opportunities in Singapore for everyone, but you’ve got to get ready for it and prepare for it. It’s like the farmer getting ready to harvest the field.  A big part to accomplishing goals is the development of skills that make for success in the marketplace. It starts with personal development, self-improvement and making measurable progress.


Personal development is a constant challenge. It’s constant progression. There wouldn’t be any winning without some challenges. New habits don’t come easy, but they can be developed overtime.  You’ve got to read the books, learn the skills, put yourself through the paces, do the mental pushes and overcome the obstacles . If you strive to become the best in your position, that will be the return you get from the marketplace, your return on Investment.




Essential Skills matter

Soft skills make the difference between suitable candidates and the best candidates. In today’s ever-competitive job market, recruitment criteria no long stops at a person’s ability and specialist knowledge. You need to be able to demonstrate your soft skills. Recruiters will be looking for people who can become leaders, and leadership itself, depends heavily on several key soft skills.


Our Personal Development Course

Whether you are a student, studying for a degree, an employee, looking to step up the steps and get  a promotion or the CEO of a firm, looking to create effective business strategies, personal development training is for you. You can’t build wealth or make significant headway in your career without developing yourself first through an effective personal development plan. Aristotle, a renowned Greek Philosopher, defined personal development as a special kind of practical intelligence (Phronesis), that when practiced, can bring about happiness (Eudaimonia) or prosperity.


When it comes to company initiatives such as continious training and devleopment some people will go unnotice or forgotten. It could be someone working in administration or a support role, or a level entry professional. 


The TIQ Group launched into the Singapore market with an offering to provide the best personal and professional development training course for those who want to become the best in their position. TIQ is a very young company in Singapore, established in 2017 by Company director and founder, Caoimhe Duggan. 



TIQ have done just that and built the world’s most affordable automated 1 year personal and professional training course dedicated to those who want to become the best in their position both inside and outside the workplace.TIQ’s offering puts people in the centre by offering a learning incentive that has meaning and a long-term impact for each and every person within a framework where they can continually learn and progress. 

Singapore Office


TIQ Group Pte Ltd

101 Cecil Street,

#17-09 Tong Eng Building,

Singapore, 069533

T:  +65 8289-1606

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How the Personality Course works


TIQ have built the one of the best automated personal and professional development programs. Our unique program is built like a jigsaw, putting together the top 25 soft skils employers look for in their people.

Our personal development course works on any smart device. You can access the online development program in your own time, anywhere around the world. 

Course Overview


Self Awareness

Creating Goals and Developing Habits

Focus and Self Discipline

Time Management

Mental well being 

Building Great relationships

Customer Satisfaction

The Sales Ability within you

Team Dynamics

Manage Conflict

Inside the Mind of a Leader

Learn what it takes to Lead a Team

The importance of delegating to others 

Running and Managing Projects

Cost Management

Risk Management

Change Management

Problem Solving

Design Thinking and Innovation




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About our Self Development Course 


TIQ is the world’s first automated mobile micro-learning platform dedicated to support staff.  Its Grow Learn Lead Succeed (GLLS) Competency Framework is the only one of its kind.  It consists of a customizable program that covers 18 automated inter-related modules ranging from self-awareness to building relationships and from project management to change management.

Developed in collaboration with over 100 top-performing entrepreneurs, leaders and managers, it deploys the latest in research and global best practices to shape the abilities, knowledge, skills, and mindsets of each individual to enable them to become the best in their position

And the impact on the bottom-line?  TIQ was founded to enable access to learning and development for as many employees as possible, and not to maximize profits.  The GLLS program reflects this ethos.  Employers need only to invest US $59.99 (SG$82.00) per year, per employee to access the platform that offers $1000s of dollars in training and development.

“When we formed TIQ, we wanted it to reflect our passion to enable future learning and personal growth.  We strive to be the most affordable on the market because we believe it will enable greater access and change.  We believe that the more passion and commitment we put into the platform, the more our clients will get back from their employees.”