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Self Awareness

Self awareness is having a clear understanding of you, your personality, your strengths, weaknesses, values, principles, beliefs, feelings thoughts and emotions. It also gives you an idea of what people really think of you. 

Goal Setting

Goal setting is a process that helps get you motivated and allows you to focus more. The more precise the goal is, the better your brain will analyse the steps in order to achieve it.  You need to get inside the mind of a champion.

Focus and Self Discipline

Distractions are universal, especially in the digital world we live in. Developing habits,  taking action, consistency, focus and self discipline are key behaviours to everyone’s success.

Time management

Time is beyond our control and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives or carry out our work. Time is limited so we must make managing it effectively a priority. Time management is of importance to both your personal and professional success. 

Mental well-being

Although we may sometimes neglect to cultivate our own happiness, feeling happy is intrinsically important. If we are happy it has many knock-on-effects and benefits.  We become mor creative, witty, energetic and fun to be around, and it can also lead us to become more financially successful.

Building Great Relationships

As humans we crave friendship and positive interactions, just as we do food and water. So it makes sense that the better our relationships are, both at work and home, the happier and more productive we are going to be. 


Customer Satisfaction

This lesson is amied at providing you with the opportunity to boost your people skills further, in a way that will truly differentiate you from others. Understand and implementing high-qaulity customer assistance will make you the ultimate linchipin in the workplace. 


The Sales Talk

Learn all about sales and how buyers think. Without sales, no organisation can exist.

Team Dynamics

No one individualcan make a difference to a company’s success. It requires a team, combined with individual contributions. And to be part of a team it’s best to grasp how people work, and what it can be like, to be part of something strong.


Understanding Conflict

To be a strong and cohesive team, you and the members in the team must trust one another and be able to engage in healthy team conflict. Understanding key behaviours within teams will give you a better insight into understanding and handling problems. 


Inside the mind of a leader

 The leadership vision goes beyond your written organizational mission statement and your vision statement.


Learn what it takes to lead a team

High performance teams deliver superior results, greater productivity and proftis. Building and sustaining hight performance teams is therefore one of the key people management skills. 


Project Management

One of the most challenging aspects of strategic business planning is implementing the plan, i.e. getthe the paper based document to come to life in order to achieve the objectives and strategies documented in the plan. 

Problem Solving

Being faced with a problem becomes a problem. And that’s a problem because, in fact, there are always going to be problems. How we deal with complexity determines how we innovate, and how we can provide solutions

Change Management

Highly successful individuals respond to change with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn new ways to accomplish work activities and objectives.


Design Thinking and Innovation

If you want to change something from the present situation into a preferred one, design thinking helps you achieve this. It helps you reduce the risks by engaging with internal and external people seeking out a new solution that solves a problem, need or challenge.


Get ahead of the rest in your personal development

Whether you are a student, studying for a degree, an employee, looking to step up the steps and get  a promotion, personal development training is for you. You can’t make significant headway in your career without developing yourself first through an effective personal development plan..

Our unique program is built like a jigsaw, a framework of  25 core skill sets put together piece by piece. It makes sense. 

In today’s ever-competitive job market, recruitment criteria no long stops at a person’s ability and specialist knowledge. You need to be able to demonstrate many other  skills. Recruiters will be looking for people who can become leaders, and leadership itself, depends heavily on your personal development.



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