The future of work



The world is going through a major change. We’re in a time of extraordinary uncertainty and exceptional turbulence. What used to work doesn’t work anymore now. Every day is bringing extraordinary challenges and difficulties we need to overcome. These days there is only one way a  business can thrive and strive in the new world we’re in. And that is to grow and develop the skills and talent of every single person throughout the organization faster than their competitors. The only way to avoid getting eaten alive is for companies to strengthen their people at every level to lead in everything they do. We need to build leaders at all levels.

Not everyone has the luxury of a mentor or access to a structured, affordable personal and career development program.  When it comes to the workplace, leaders and managers simply don’t have the time or resources to train everyone up in the business. Therefore some people in the workplace can get overlooked or bypassed when it comes to training. TIQ has gone out and built the world’s first automated 10 day personal and professional training course dedicated to those who want to become the best in their position both inside and outside the workplace.


Our mission is to empower the lives of millions of people by providing the strongest personal development program for everyone, regardless of rank or position in the business