Our Story

TIQ Group provides a learning solution to train and reward everyday support heroes.

We put you in the centre by offering  a learning incentive that has meaning and a long-term impact,  where you can continually learn and progress.

Good leaders appreciate people. Great leaders make people belong.

TIQ has one clear purpose – to provide professional and personal training for support staff, the hidden heroes behind an organization’s ongoing success. Support staff are the clockmakers of any company or organization, constantly keeping processes and procedures ticking over, never stopping. They work tirelessly to strive for company excellence but not always seen as a front line employee. And what they are longing for more and more is a sense of ownership and belonging in their workplace, the need for more feedback and growth on their professional and personal development.

This common feeling was later confirmed when we carried out extensive research and found that most company initiatives, training and incentives were not adequately focused enough on support staff, the people that most times go unnoticed.   We asked hundreds of support staff from several industries, what their employers do to help them grow and develop in their jobs and found some astonishing gaps.  Research showed that over 70% do not receive enough continuous development, mentoring and coaching and addressing these can bring business benefits and have a positive impact on workplace culture, diversity and  inclusiveness. Employers need to find ways to strengthen the pillar of their company, and to explore ways to engage, include and grow with them.   

TIQ is the world’s first automated mobile micro learning platform, developed with the sole purpose of providing solutions to help bring the best out in support staff.

The GLLS Program – the only framework of this kind, is a unique customized and powerful program. It consists of 18 inter-related modules, ranging from self-awareness to building relationships, from project management to change management, built like a jigsaw. And the cost?

TIQ was founded to enable access to learning and development to as many people as possible, and not to maximize profits.  The GLLS program reflects this ethos.  People need only to invest US $59.99 per year to access the platform that offers $1000s of dollars in training and development.




ONLY USD $59.99