Personal and career development for everyone

“Before you become a leader, success is all about growing yourself. After you become a leader, success is about growing others.”

– Jack Welch (CEO, General Electric)

A recent report from Korn Ferry found that when managers rated themselves on 67 managerial skills, “developing others” came in dead last. Unfortunately, this leaves employees with skill gaps and blind spots that can derail careers and organizational effectiveness. We decided to fix that by building the worlds first automated personal and career development program. And to close the gap to learning and development, we just made it the most affordable to everyone.



Good leaders appreciate people. Great leaders make people belong.

Caoimhe Duggan – Founder


The Problem


Every leader of people understands that appreciating employees is motivating to any member of the team.  People are our most valuable strength when it comes to building a successful business.  However, when it comes to company initiatives such as continuous training and development, some people will go unnoticed or forgotten.

It could be someone working their first few years in a junior position, perhaps in a supporting or back office role looking to move forward into a more senior or trainee management role. 


Our Mission


Provide learning and development for everyone and you will get the most productivity out of your employees. People should have no reason to fear anyone’s talent or try to “keep them down”. When you allow them to grow, your company will grow. It’s that simple.

Our Mission is to infect people with the spirit of progress and close the gap to learning and development for everyone, regardless of rank or status.

How are we achieving this? We just made it the affordable personal and career development program in the world.  Users can access the program on any smart device in their own time, anytime, anywhere around the world.

When we close the gap of inclusiveness and give everyone the opportunity to grow, learn, lead and succeed on the job, regardless of rank or status then we’ve done our job.  For now, we’re just getting started.






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