Our Mission is to help you have a great start to a remarkable career.

The world is going through a major change. When you start your career, you need some vital skills, advice, and knowledge to help you become the best. These days there is only one way to thrive and strive in the new world we’re living in. And that is to grow and develop the necessary skills and talent better and faster than your competitors. 

Not everyone has the luxury of a mentor or access to a structured, affordable personal and career development program. And sometimes people don’t even know where to start.   That’s where MY EARLY CAREER comes in. We focus purely on sharing vital tips and tricks for those starting out on their career journey and want to become the best in their chosen career field.

Our first career book “No Limits”  was published recently on Amazon and reached No. 7 in the bestsellers list. This is one of the best reads for people starting on their career journey. It contains all the skills that are sought after, both in and out of the workplace. It contains stories from people from all walks of life, from dreamers to achievers, those who failed time and time again but kept progressing and those who were consistent in their goals. You can check it out here.

Each week we provide tip, tricks, lessons and stories from the careers of very successful people. We share the secrets and skills of successful people and how they incorporated these skills into their talent. We focus on helping you reach your greatest potential. This site will act as both your mentor and compass, bringing you the greatest information together on one single platform.

You will learn to become self-motivated, focused and disciplined. We share extraordinary stories & lessons learned from the careers of Michael Phelps, Richard Williams, Conor McGregor, The Williams Sisters, Elon Musk, The All Blacks, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos, Chatri Sityitong, and many more.