Introducing “No Limits”


This month I have an exciting announcement: After three years of planning and writing, I finally completed the book “No Limits”, my first full-length book has launched.

The book is called No Limits: The Secrets and Skills of Successful People (Amazon ). It will be published on Barnes and Noble, Apple Google and 20,000 other stores over the coming weeks.

I thank those who have purchased the book. You don’t realize how much this means to me from putting food on the table to getting my work out there and helping make the world a better place for future generations to come.  I take pride in creating a fairer world. I believe that everyone should be afforded an equal opportunity to become the best in their position. And if I can make one small difference in the world, then I will commit to it.

I believe “No Limits” is the most comprehensive and practical guide to help kick-start anyone’s profession. The book draws on proven skills, ideas and lessons and explains them in a way that is easy to understand and apply. It also includes hundreds of stories and insights that I’ve learned from the greatest leaders, entrepreneurs and athletes of our time.

I’m writing this to ask for your help. For years, I have shared articles for free on and now I need your help to make this book a success.

If you are interested in supporting the book here are 8 ways you can help:

1) Order the book: The biggest thing you can do to help is to order the book (Amazon) (And if you know someone who would appreciate the book or someone who has just started out in their career, I would be extremely grateful if you ordered one for a friend or family member too.)

2) Introductions: If you know someone in the media or someone who has a platform that reaches many people (think: podcasts, email newsletters, radio, television, etc.) and you’d be willing to introduce me so I can share my story, drop me a message at [email protected] or you’ll find me on Facebook or Instagram.

3) Interviews: If you have an audience and you want to help promote the book, drop me a message above

4) Bulk orders: If you are a manager of a team or in an organization and would like to consider buying copies of the book for each member of your team or for those starting out in their career, drop me a message at [email protected].

5) If you would like a signed copy with a personalised message for new staff members, drop me a message.

6) If you are a parent and want to give your child the best possible start in their chosen profession, then this is the ideal gift to give to them. Inside I have also written about the top 50 career books of all time from authors such as Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins and the late Kobe Bryant. This book can be their mentor for life.

7) If you own or manage a small/medium business and you can’t be a mentor at all times, this is a brilliant book to help kick-start their profession, When you help transform your people you too can also transform your business to newer heights. I have seen many businesses thrive tenfold when they pass the knowledge on. 

8) Leave a review. If you bought the book and liked it, please leave a review on the site or and let me know your thoughts.  

If none of those applies to you and you still want to help, stay tuned. I’ll be sharing more information about the book and how you can help in the coming weeks.

Thank you so much.  There is no doubt that “No Limits” is the best thing I have ever created. I’m glad to share it with you.



Reviews so far on No Limits


100% I loved it. It’s a reboot for your brain. Loved the advice and loved the stories and I loved all the questions to ask yourself it was a refreshing change compared to the books I’ve read.

Its fresh and not complex its explained realistically loved how you dedicated your first book to your mam keep going a great book to keep going back on not just to read the once. 


CD… seriously…thank you. Your stories are phenomenal. From Conor McGregor to Michael Phelps, I can’t keep up. And why didn’t I know the story of Richard Williams? Very well written. You should be extremely proud. X


Caoimhe I loved your book it’s very well written. Its the best motivational book I’ve read in along time it made me think it made me think about all jobs and people who work in them I loved how I kept stopping to question myself about every aspect of how I’m living my life loved all the stories about the sports stars to the leaders and the business empires you should be delighted and thanks for helping me reboot by brain. 


Look what I have. SO happy for you. Looks and feels fab. Read a little bit and it reads sooooo well. Congratulations. You should be EXTREMELY PROUD of yourself. My cousin the AUTHOR!!!!