What makes  a great leader? People are our most valuable strength when it comes to building a successful business. Employee rewards are an essential component of an effective engagement and retention strategy. Every leader of people understands that appreciating employees is motivating to any member of the team. Often, that appreciation is associated with incentives and monetary rewards such as – weekend breaks, exclusive dining, monthly training, or a bonus check.

While they have a fantastic effect on morale, we sometimes overlook the forgotten few – Operations. Our research and observation in working with many organizations was that most company initiatives and incentives were not adequately focused enough on operations staff, the people that sometimes go unnoticed.

As an Operations professional, they work tirelessly to strive for company excellence but not always seen as a front line employee. Operations staff are the clock-makers of the company, constantly keeping procedures and processes ticking over, never stopping. They are the unsung heroes behind an organization’s ongoing success.

What operations staff are longing for more and more is a sense of ownership and belonging in their workplace, and the need for more feedback and growth on their own personal development. After an extensive survey, a staggering 74% of Operations felt they would like to be rewarded more, through personal development and continuous learning programs.

So we created a new incentive for operations, new to the market, giving operations the chance to come to the front line, something that would continually impel progress from within.

Our professional visionary training program contains a collection of 50 papers representing the most significant management thinking to date and are designed to spread powerful management and visionary ideas to everyone.

We use our program as a stimulus to push standards up and up forever. Our course is designed for any individual whether they are within an organization or not. Whether a person is an individual contributor, operations executive, office manager, HR executive, PA or simply starting out in operations, this 12 month course will help build the skills needed to increase personal performance, help understand, master and build high performing teams, build strong relationships and become a visionary and emerging leader.