Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive about TIQ and the Grow. Learn. Lead. Succeed (GLLS) Program. 




What exactly is the GLLS Program?

The Grow Learn Lead Succeed. GLLS Program is an automated micro learning program dedicated to those who want to become the best in work and personal growth . It consists of 18 automated inter related  modules ranging from Self Awareness to Organisational Management, Team Dynamics to understanding what it takes to be the best in your position.

What's different about the Program?

We combined 18 inter-related modules into 1 unique program. Each module was custom built giving a 360 on how businesses work.  We created something different and unique that people can take from, remember interesting theories and then apply those core skill sets into both work and home. Our GLLS program provides you with key learns that normally takes years to develop by yourself.

Who can take the program?

This program is ideal  for those that are starting out in their career, and may not have a full time mentor. You may also be looking to get back into the workforce or are a newly qualified graduate that needs a little guidance to learn these core competencies to becoming the best. 

Why was it built like this?

Our customized and powerful program is built like a jigsaw, each piece designed to connect each distinct skill set at a time, assisting your growth and development 365 days a year.  Each module connects to another relevant module and is automated, which means you don’t have to worry about which course to pick.  Developed in collaboration with over 100 top-performing entrepreneurs, leaders and managers, it deploys the latest in research and global best practices to shape the abilities, knowledge, skills, and mind-sets of each individual to enable them to become a top performer and aspiring manager

How long does the program take?

The program consists of 18 modules with a break of 2 weeks between each module, giving you time to reflect on each topic and come up with ideas to implement these skill sets into work and home.

Overall,  it takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete each module so we give you  one year access to the platform.

Is there anyway to preview the program?

Yes!. If you’re not sure this program is right for you, then you can head over to the course overview page, where you will find all the information you need on how this Program works.

How much is the Program?

TiQ wasn’t built for big profits. Quite the opposite really. We wanted to build something that was affordable to everyone and anyone.So we built it for free. 

I don't get it. Why is it free?

Like we mentioned, TIQ wasn’t built for big profits. We saw a problem that was consistent in the workplace and felt it needed changing, so we built a program that we felt could be enjoyed by everyone across the globe. Our mission is to empower the lives of millions by provding learning and development for free. 

Who is the Program aimed at?

Anyone who needs a sense of direction in both their personal and professional development or wants to improve their goal targets and skill sets can take the course.

How do I take the GLLS Program

Our GLLS program is entirely on-demand, which means that you can enroll in the course anytime, anywhere and you learn at your own pace.

Our GLLS course can be accessed from several different devices and platforms, including a desktop / laptop, smart phones and ipads.

After you enroll, you can access it by clicking on the course link you will receive in your confirmation email, provided you’re logged into your TIQ account.  You can also begin the program by logging in and navigating to your course page.

Is TIQ Group an accredited institution?

While TIQ Group is not an accredited institution, we offer this unique skills-based course taught by experts in their field and a GLLS certificate of completion. Certificates can be saved as a .pdf or .jpeg file so that you can easily share your accomplishment.