Employer Review Sites – Company reputation


Working in HR, own or manage a company? Do you ever experience negative reviews on Glass Door and other employer review sites? As companies grow it becomes really difficult to hold onto that once, gleaming and polished reputation businesses once had, when they first started out. Truth is, trying to please everyone in any organisation as it grows, becomes increasingly challenging.  Just like employers are checking a candidates background on social media,  job seekers are also seeking information out that will help them determine what it’s like to work for that specific company. Millennial’s are researching heavily into the potential for career development, work/life balance, and company culture.


Should employers ignore negative reviews? Many HR and their leaders cringe when they see a negative review especially when they think it’s unjustified. Some will ignore the harsh reviews only emphasizing the employee’s complaints more and it may also come across that the company doesn’t really care about employee complaints. However, responding to both positive and negative reviews and sending personalized responses with a view to improving can send a strong signal to that employee and future job candidates. And yes, a perfect company rating doesn’t exist on any employer site. However, most of these comments below could have be avoided and shouldn’t be ignored. Creating an “all-inclusive” learning culture makes for better business decisions 87% of the time.


Richard Branson once said “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to”.


After a month of research there was consistent messages coming from many companies including The Fortune Global 500 and messages we need to stop ignoring.


Common messages from those working in a supporting role



  • “It would be nice to have more incentives for the Support & Operations staff”
  • “Disappointing career development path”
  • “No learning and development for admin”
  • “Worst company ever. Don’t work for”
  • “They need to invest in people at all levels – they are selective when it comes to training. This is unfair as many others have a lot to give also”
  • “Very unorganized operation, with very average career progression in sight. What is needed is change”
  • “Management are biased towards their support staff. This company needs to let their staff grow”
  • “The company doesn’t care for my personal development’
  • “More learning for admin and support would be nice”
  • “Cool office, cool company, but training is lacking big time for us”
  • “Sporadic training here and there certainly isn’t helping with my career development”
  • “I can’t see any progression here. Management almost want you to stay stagnant”
  • “Maybe have as many incentives and training for the Operational staff as Sales staff”
  • “Managers will not listen to your concerns and they do not care about your development or success. No wonder they can’t retain staff”
  • “They only focus on development of the sales team. They don’t really care about the support team”
  • “Terrible company with zero respect for us”
  • “No resources to learn”
  • “The support staff are constantly overlooked”
  • “I’m just the receptionist, nobody ever asks about my development”
  • “If career development is really a goal here at ***** then do it.”
  • “Not a lot of opportunities for advancement”
  • “I got training for a week – That was it – really disappointed”
  • “Maintain the high bar for talent and support your admin staff as they further their careers”
  • “No progression and very little growth”
  • “The sales and operations teams don’t work together because we don’t understand each other’s roles and support don’t get the training to fully understand the sales cycle. It’s a mess”
  • “Management needs to listen”



There are many solutions out there to helping develop your people. Yes it can be costly but the rewards pay off. Listen to your people as they are the ones that make your business work.


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