Develop great habits and becoming self-disciplined


There are 18 core and functional competencies to become the best in your position and for the next 12 months, we go through them all. During the month of January, we talked solely about Self-Awareness, the first core competency and discussed many topics that can help you discover your true abilities, identifying where you are right now and how you can achieve your goals in both work and home. The first step to a successful career is understanding self-awareness, knowing what you are good at, what your personality and values are?  We covered some pretty exciting topics including



In February and March, we talked about finding your passion and creating goals.  Once that is done, it’s time to start thinking about how to accomplish them. Setting a goal is something you need to practice in order to get it right. It takes time to understand exactly how to set a clear goal and one that is SMART realistic and achievable. Goal setting is a process that helps get you motivated and allows you to focus more. The more precise the goal is, the better your brain will analyze the steps in order to achieve it. We also discussed a blueprint for your career path and how it can help you build on your end goals.


In February and March, we talked about


In April we move onto maintaining habits to achieve those goals and how to apply more focus and self-discipline in work and home


This might seem like an easy module, but this is where the majority of people fail to meet their goals. Action, consistency, focus, and self-discipline are key behaviors to everyone’s success.


Distractions are universal, especially in the digital world we live in. What’s becoming more apparent is the struggle to complete all the tasks on our schedules which can be extremely frustrating.  Switching focus from one task to another can be time-consuming and leads to more mistakes and mishaps.  By focusing on one thing at a time, you are able to concentrate entirely on the task in hand, to think more creatively about the solution and to complete it faster than usual. Focus and self-discipline increase productivity and brings better results much quicker than multitasking. The more focused you are on one task, the more productive and fruitful your work will be.


  • Stay Hungry – Get advice from an expert.
  • Work on your goals.
  • How to stop worrying and start living
  • Understand failure and accept change.
  • Self-Discipline.
  • Consistency.
  • Understanding habits
  • Creating habits
  • Improvise adapt and overcome to changes.


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develop great habits