“Adopt the character of a lion that says yes”. If you are contemplating a change in career and want to work with companies that drive creativity, who are absolutely relentless in the pursuit of excellence, then the first step before applying for any position, is to ensure you have a cracking LinkedIn profile and a resume that stands out.

Preparing for a new position takes dedication and determination so when applying and preparing for interviews, think about the following that should help you along the way;

  • Understand your market and terrain. Know what and who your target companies are. Don’t second guess them.

  • What you think matters. Always think BIG. In your mind you need to be the best so you can be the best. Never be complacent at what you’ve achieved so far. Keep striving to be better. Great companies hire great people who are willing to learn and those who are not afraid to educate themselves.

  • You need to bet on your strengths and stop giving a rats’ ass about what you suck at.

  • Make sure to have a cracking profile summary as this is your sales pitch and whatever you do, STOP sending generic cover letters. They simply do not work and will just go straight to the bin. Be different and original. Always be determined. But more importantly, stay humble.

  • Stop and think what you can do for the prospect company and what changes or new ideas you can bring to the table. This has to be a good hard sell. Competition is fierce these days. Companies want people who can deliver strong results.

  • Only apply for a position that you are passionate about and where you strongly believe in the company. You must ask yourself, will I fit into the company culture and will the company fit for me. Research is key.

  • Define yourself – Be yourself – Be genuine at interviews. Remember it only takes seven seconds to make a first impression. Ensure to communicate a friendly and easy to get along with attitude. Make it count.

  • You will get a lot of knocks when applying for jobs and attending interviews but its’ getting back up that matters and carrying on. “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”. Les Brown

  • Networking is extremely important when applying for positions. Networking opens doors all the time so get to know people in the company you want to work for. Connect with hiring managers on LinkedIn and build your network slowly.

  • Enjoy the process. You can do it, One just needs to focus and have the drive to achieve it.