Why we celebrate Administrative Professionals week?


April 22-26th 2019

During WWII there was a scarcity of workers in several industries, women started to enter the work force in droves. Recognizing the need for more skilled secretaries and admin professionals, a campaign was launched by  Young and Rubicam to celebrate Secretaries across the county. The idea caught on and in the 1950’s National Secretaries Day was born now known as Administrative Professionals week .


Over the next several decades this “day” would alter and change names. In the 1980’s National Secretary Day was changed to National Secretary Week. In the year 2000 the word Secretary would be omitted and the new politically correct name would be called Administrative Professionals Week, covering all areas of support positions.


Did you know that before finishing the first Harry Potter title, J.K Rowling worked as a secretary at Amnesty International’s London headquarters. To pay her rent, she took notes and translated for the human rights organization’s research department.


How to show you appreciate your admin staff


Administrative Professionals week has become one of the largest workplace holidays recognizing our hidden heroes across the globe.

More than ever before, I believe that Administrative Professionals are being recognized for the incredible contributions they make in the business world. Their roles are incredibly diverse — and often, these professionals go above and beyond their regular duties.


Did you know before starting her career at The Today Show, Barbara Walters worked as a secretary for the publicity director of WRCA-TV, an NBC affiliate in New York. We all have to start somewhere.



Administrative Professionals week – Things to do


If you’re looking for ways to reward your admin staff, going the traditional route — lunch or even flowers is a good choice. But if want to go that extra mile and are looking for more unique ways of showing your appreciation to them, try one of these ideas:


  • Personal and Professional development — Offering an individual structured professional and personal development program is one sure way to brighten up anyone’s year. Administrative professionals are so eager to learn and expand their skills, so they can keep ahead of ever changing technologies and adopt best practices to the business. When you encourage your people to grow, your business will grow. It’s that simple.
  • A cash injection — Consider providing a spot bonus or a salary increase. Monetary rewards are the form of recognition employees value the most.
  • Share a kind word — A simple thank-you goes a long way. But try and refrain from sending an email message and leave it at that. Let your admins know how their work has helped you and the business. Recognize their achievements at team meetings publicly  An even nicer touch is a verbal commendation followed by a handwritten note.
  • A duvet day — Your support heroes work hard behind the scenes helping to keep processes and procedures ticking over, constantly striving for company excellence. Giving them a duvet day to recharge the batteries is a great way of looking after their well-being. If extra vacation time isn’t possible, perhaps a gift card to a local spa or their favorite restaurant can be a great choice.
  • New opportunities — Show your admins that you’re invested in their future by regularly offering new challenges and opportunities. Your actions show that you value their work greatly and have confidence in their skills and abilities.


If your budget is limited, any act of gratitude to your hidden heroes goes a long way. Check out our gift page, pay it forward and acknowledge that without them – your company wouldn’t grow. These are your hidden heroes.


What are some of the unique ways that you celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day?


Administrative Professionals Week