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If you’re of a curious disposition, have a positive outlook, are devoted to, or even have a passing interest in making yourself a little bit better,  then this podcast RoboftheGreen.ie is one to watch out for. Rob has got some great podcasts, well worth listening to, you’ll learn loads and be entertained along the way!. During the month of January we managed to listen to many of O’Donoghues’ podcasts and came across one that stood out and was relevant to our self-awareness month and touching on The Journey to Success.  He speaks to Alistair Rogers on his passion, his journey as a rugby coach and getting to know thyself.  Alistair Rogers is currently an assistant coach of Samoa and also works for the NZRU as a high-performance coaching. Performance is very much at the centre of this coach.

He’s originally from Port Talbot, Wales but has been living in New Zealand for 20 years. He talks about his journey in the world of Rugby, from playing to coaching to video analysis work. He explains how his video analysis work got picked up by the New Zealand senior team very quickly and this lead him to an amazing adventure that spanned 3 world cups, 2 of which New Zealand won. Alistair’s desire to become a full coach became a reality when he took over as the defensive coach for the Aukland Blues in 2016. He talks about the learning from this experience, and what he’s plans for the future are.

An awesome story and one that is loaded with useful 1% Better insights. Have a listen. If you want to become more productive, overcome injuries, the importance of understanding yourself then this is worth listening to.


Listen to Alistair Rogers and his story here




Books Alistair Rogers recommends



Key Takeaways from Alistair Rogers


  • Voluntary work to see where it can go!
  • Getting to stay involved in the game doing the analysis work
  • Have a unique skill set
  • Always ask for advice not looking for something!
  • The New Zealand Mindset wanting to learn
  • The way you want to live your life
  • How to Respond!
  • Take away the fear and open up the growth!
  • Building Trust as the key!
  • Values and what relate most
  • Social Styles of Learning
  • Be Vulnerable
  • Moneyball Impact!
  • Lead Domino’s
  • Being the Best in World
  • Social Styles of Learning – Know how your team learns?
  • Working with Data & knowing what to do with it?



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Rob has interviewed so many ‘successful’ people from a broad range of fields including Business, Sport, Psychology, Academia, Acting, and many more. He also has released a few solo shows where he focuses  on productivity, goal setting, getting stuff done and mindfulness. Some of the well-known Irish names interviewed include Neven Maguire, Norah Patten, Tweeting Goddess Samantha Kelly, and Denis Collins. He also interviewed a number of Internationally known guests like Bobby Tambling, Colin O’Brady and Jenni Rivett. They all  provided great insight into their own careers, journey and lessons learned.


Alistair Rogers