Our Story

Good leaders appreciate people – Great leaders make people belong.

People are our most valuable strength when it comes to building a successful business. Employee mentoring and continuous learning are an essential component of an effective engagement and retention strategy. Every leader of people understands that appreciating employees is motivating to any member of the team.  And while they have a fantastic effect on morale, we sometimes overlook the forgotten few – our support team.

Our research and observation in working with many organizations was that most company initiatives, training and incentives were not adequately focused enough on support staff, the people that sometimes go unnoticed.   Support staff are the clockmakers of the company, constantly keeping procedures and processes ticking over, never stopping. They work tirelessly to strive for company excellence but not always seen as a front line employee. They are the hidden heroes behind an organization’s ongoing success.

What people are longing for more and more is a sense of ownership and belonging in their workplace, the need for more feedback and growth on their personal development.

So we wanted to create something new to the market, an incentive for support; that had teeth in it, something that would continually impel progress from within.  The GLLS Competency Framework – the only framework of this kind, is designed to promote and champion the highest standards of professional competence on the part of top employees, and aspiring leaders of companies and other organisations.  Our customised and powerful program is built like a jigsaw, each piece designed to connect each distinct skillset at a time, assisting employee growth and development 365 days a year

TiQ was built from the heart, with a passion for future learning and personal growth.  We don’t just envision progress and excellence. We commit to it.

Remember you grow a company by growing people. Talk to us today and let us tell you how we can help your company retain key people and help your support staff progress in their personal development and careers.


“To infect people with the spirit of progress, by continuous learning and personal development.”


“Our ability to truly connect with our customers, and provide the exceptional  service they deserve.”

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