“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”  – Henry Ford

Pure Brilliance Tips

Imagine a platform where you could find brilliant ideas, perosnal development tips and inspiring stories. Pure Brilliance is our extra teaching blog and learning portal. It’s dedicated to helping you master business know-how. It contains journal articles, primers, templates and access to videos and podcasts from leading thinkers and experts.

When we formed TIQ, we wanted it to reflect our passion to enable future learning and personal growth.  We strive to be the most affordable on the market because we believe it will enable greater access and change.  We believe that the more passion and commitment we put in to the platform, the more our members will keep learning and developing over time.

TIQ was founded to enable access to learning and development for as many people as possible, and not to maximize profits.  The GLLS program reflects this ethos. So we decided to create an added extra incentive for members by creating a pure brilliance blog.

The aim of this extra portal is to provide high quality business learning resources with two clear criteria–pure, i.e. no-nonsense and straight to the point pure brilliance, i.e. brilliant and insightful in the subject. A mix of topics are covered in our weekly brilliance blog, from achieving your goals, developing an idea, leadership chats, finance solutions, marketing tips, fostering great relationships and building confidence. We also provide access to videos, podcasts, books and blogs from leading thinkers and experts such as Seth Godin and Tim Ferris.

We give tips and tricks on how to get things done more quickly and efficiently, allowing you to become a top performer. Every 3 weeks we release  stories “from dreamers to achievers”  on the people that made a great impact on the world and to the lives of others.

Pure Brilliance is full of pure genius ideas


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Why Pure Brilliance?

We love  meaningful content. Our passion is to bring the best to you so you don’t have to look for it. You get free access to all the  resources, links and templates that have taken years to collect or create. All sourced content comes from industry experts and leading thinkers.

All content is tested to ensure it meets the pure brilliance criteria.


  • Podcasts.
  • Marketing and Social Media Tips.
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Free e-books.
  • Office and Operations Tips.
  • Technology
  • Morning Motivation