On Saturday 11th April, 2009 is not a date that Susan Boyle is ever likely to forget. Or will the world for that matter. It was the day when an unusual, unemployed 47-year-old woman who lived alone with her cat a woman who was never kissed before, stepped onto the stage of the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow for an audition on Britain’s Got Talent.


The crowd sneered at the eccentric woman when she suggested she wanted to be as successful as Elaine Paige and wanted to fulfill her dreams by being a professional singer.  Ignoring the sneering and the odd looks from the judges, she started to sing. The voice of Susan Boyle turned out to be a defining moment neither she nor anyone involved in the show could possibly have foreseen. Susan Boyle became an overnight star. The day after her BGT audition Boyle achieved National Fame. Within a week she achieved International fame hitting almost 100 million You Tube views of her audition.




The life of Susan Boyle


The thing that makes Susan Boyle’s story is one that it isn’t sugar coated, she went through real hardship and pain to get where she is today.  Susan’s story radiates a sense of goodness and authenticity and people across the globe related to that real genuineness in a time when there was a global recession.  She brought back that moment of hope when the world really needed it.


Susan Boyle has lived her whole life in a small working class town in Blackburn between Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland. Since childhood, Susan had always dreamed that she wanted to be a singer.  She was bullied a lot at school known as “Simple Susan” because she had a slight disability and was a bit slow in maturity. For most of her adult life, she was unemployed and survived on benefits whilst taking care of her mother. She would sing in local bars in return for a few drinks.  After her mum died in 2007, loneliness and depression set in but she knew her mother wanted her to do something with her life. And that’s when she applied for Britain’s got Talent.


After appearing on Britain’s got Talent, Susan struggled to cope with the instant fame. By the time Susan reached the final, the pressure was all too much and she had a very public breakdown.  The expectation for her to win got too much for her. She went into a very bad place for a while when she didn’t win and got checked into the Priory in London to recover from emotional and extreme exhaustion. But with sheer determination and knowing she had a natural gift to show, she fought back.


In 2009 the biggest selling album in the world was made by an unknown, unemployed lonely woman from Scotland.  Susan Boyle became one of the first female artists ever to have 2 albums reach number one in both the UK and US within a year.


Susan Boyle still lives in the same council house she grew up in and has always kept herself grounded.  Her story has touched millions of people around the globe. Why? Susan Boyle never gave up on her dreams. What makes her special is she’s from an ordinary background who had a dream and against all adversity, her dream came true. She taught us not to be so cynical and judgmental of others. Today she encourages millions across the world no matter how old you are never give up on your dreams.

I’ve dreamed about this for 23 years. You realize that it’s all worthwhile – Susan Boyle