The course that gets you learning more in 6 months than 6 years.

Supercharge your ambitions

Why is personal development so important.? People who are into self development are often seen as having unique and broad backgrounds that can diversify a company and help it run more efficiently. Learn the top soft skills required, from self-awareness to managing your mental well being.  Understand Team Dynamics to leading teams.  Discover great networking skills to customer focus and become a linchpin in the workplace.  


Your path made clear

Soft skills are important to the success of almost all employers. Our unique program is built like a jigsaw, helping you achieve results quickly and efficiently.  We show you the top skills that you can use to enhance your learning style, you develop a good work routine and start achieving both personal and career goals. Read our top 30 books of all time. You get to learn crucial insights from leading thinkers while you’re on the go.



Excellence starts here

Watch your personal and career development take a dramatic shift in the right direction in as little as six months. We put you in the driving seat of your own development. You can access the program on any smart device, in your own time, anytime, anywhere around the world. And the best news is, each lesson only takes up 1-2 hours of your time every fortnight. 

Develop all the top soft skills look for in people


Get the tools to become the linchpin in your workplace


Improve yourself and develop high performance habits


The most affordable personal development program in the world 




TiQ is a personal development website dedicated entirely to your personal progression.  The Grow Learn Lead Succeed (GLLS) program is built like a jigsaw, each piece designed to connect each distinct skill set at a time, assisting your growth and personality development 365 days a year.


Based on consultation with a 100 HR high-performing professionals along with research and best practices distilled from TIQ Groups’ extensive experience of working with senior leaders across the globe – It sets out the core skills a person needs to become the best in their position.


The GLLS Program costs USD $59.99 for the full personal development course, consisting of 18 automated inter-related modules . The result; you learn more in six months than what normally takes years. All the skills we teach never expire. 


Get ahead of the rest in your personal development

Don’t just take our word. See what our users are saying about their development as a person and the GLLS program. We value the feedback from all our customers and strive to make continuous improvements for them. We won’t stop.



How our personal development program works.

The strongest online personal development program

The personal growth program

The GLLS Program is aimed at those who want to learn the top soft skills employers look for in great talent and those who want to succeeed in their personal and career development.  It combines a wide range of innovative tools to help you grow, learn, lead and succeed in life.

Training programs

Skill development

Develop core skills and become more valuable – help drive revenue, reduce costs and increase efficiency to any business.  Eradicate bad habits from your life. Improve your productivity, creative thinking, your work-life balance and mental health.



personal development areas

Our program is built into four key core areas; Grow – Learn – Lead and Succeed.  Each module is built like a jigsaw, designed to connect each distinct skill set at a time. It makes better sense. 


Personal progression

Our members have 1 year access to the site  to complete the program at their own pace. It takes about 1-2 hours to complete each module, and each course is released every fortnight. After you learn each skill set you try different techniques to bring that into your work.  The program works on any smart device, anytime, anywhere around the world. Members learn far more quicker than trying to figure it out for themselves. 

Self Development for everyone

The strongest online personal development program

TiQ was built from the heart, with a passion for future learning and personal growth.  We don’t just envision progress and excellence. We commit to it.

Our Story

People are our most valuable strength when it comes to building a successful business. Our story started with a small idea about 2 years ago and how we could play our part in working with those who wanted to create an inclusive environment, where personal and career development was available to everyone at an affordable rate.

A little bit about us

Our founders had one dream – to solve a global problem and build a platform dedicated entirely to those that needed direction in their personal and professional development and one that made absolute sense.

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