Author of "No Limits"

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Hi, I’m Caoimhe. Duggan

I’m the author of No Limits, which is selling widely around the world and changing the lives of thousands of people and businesses. I wrote a book to help people who are starting out on their career journey. I got tired of the admin and junior staff getting overlooked when it came to personal development and mentoring, so I went out to solve the problem that will help both the individual and small businesses. The book acts as both a mentor and guide, helping people develop crucial skills we sometimes forget. My work appears on many platforms.




Content Writer

I am often asked to put together some course material for different companies about soft skills people can learn for the business. My stories and content are unique. I write stories so people remember them forever. 


Keynote Speaker

In addition to writing, I am occasionally asked to speak at companies, universities and events. I share all the skills with students in what employers look for and I leave them with signed copies of my book No Limits.  Click here to learn more and submit a speaking request.


Training programs


I coach and mentor students and those starting out on their career journey. This can be done in a number of ways. Click here to contact me


A Book for anyone to help with their career

Imagine learning from great leaders and entrepreneurs around the world. Imagine lessons learned from the greatest sports people and coaches of the 21st century. Imagine retraining your brain to develop great habits and learn great philosophies. Well, now you can.

The book is simple. It gives you all the secrets and skills to stand out from the rest.   It doesn’t matter what occupation you are pursuing. You could be an office worker, a wannabe entrepreneur, an MMA fighter, a lawyer, a teacher, a graduate or a barista. “No Limits” focuses on helping you reach your greatest potential.  This book will act as both your mentor and compass. 

Inside contains a fine collection of extraordinary stories, secrets and lessons learned from many inspirational leaders, entrepreneurs and athletes of our time. 


The greatest gift you can give to others is sharing knowledge

Progress is the ultimate driver.


Don’t be afraid to dare BIG, dream BIG, and then build BIG. Finding your purpose and then progress each day is what will push you to keep going, even when you think you’ve failed. It’s what will make you stronger, more capable, and more powerful than ever.


Become the Architect of your future

We are now in the era of do-it-yourself career development. Ownership of your career is no longer in the hands of others but rather in the hands of individual employees. It’s now a case of knowing yourself and your career ambitions sufficiently enough to identify the wisest career investment path to take.

Prepare for a great career

Learn all the skills required to be the best and stand out from the rest. Our Grow Learn Lead Succeed (GLLS) course consists of all the skills employers look for in people, helping skyrocket your growth and development in just a few weeks.


Take charge of your career