An automated personal and professional development program to help you become the best in your position.


The Problem

People are our most valuable strength when it comes to building a successful business.  However, when it comes to company initiatives such as continuous training and development, some people will go unnoticed or forgotten. It could be someone working in administration or a supporting role, level entry professionals or newly qualified graduates.  Some may get sporadic training here and there, but not as continuous or structured as they would like it to be.


Our Mission

When we asked managers and leaders, they simply said they didn’t have the time or resources to train everybody up in the business –  training is costly. Nonetheless employers need to find ways to strengthen the pillar of their company and ways to include them.

Giving these people a sense of ownership and individual structured professional and personal development is one important step.



Our Solution

TIQ have done that and built the world’s most affordable automated 1 year personal and professional program. Our unique program is built within a framework of core skill-sets required to drive both the business and the employee forward. 

And the good news is, users can access the program on any smart device in their own time, anytime, anywhere around the world.

For Your Business

For Individuals

OUR PRICE PROMISE.   US$59.99 for  the entire program. No hidden charges. 

Won’t take up too much of your time – 1-2 hours per course every 2 weeks.


The No 1. Destination for your personal and professional development.


TiQ is the world’s first automated mobile micro learning platform dedicated entirely to your personal and career development.  The Grow Learn Lead Succeed (GLLS) program is built like a jigsaw, each piece designed to connect each distinct skill set at a time, assisting your growth and development 365 days a year.


Based on consultation with a 100 HR high-performing professionals along with research and best practices distilled from TIQ Groups’ extensive experience of working with senior leaders across the globe – It sets out the core abilities a person needs to become the best in their position.


The GLLS Program costs USD $59.99 for a year on the platform and consists of 18 automated inter-related modules . Users also gain access to the Pure Brilliance Area which contains top information from leading industry experts.


About our automated personal development program.

The strongest online personal development program

The Program

The GLLS Program is aimed at those who are on the lookout for a unique approach to personal and professional development. It combines a wide range of innovative learning methods to help you grow, learn, lead and succeed both in your personal and professional life.

Training programs

A 360 degree view of a business

When it comes to learning and development it can be quite difficult to choose which course you want to specialize in.  We combined 18 core and functional competencies it takes to get a thorough understanding of how a business operates and what leaders look for.  Each competency compliments the next starting from self-awareness to focus and discipline, from building relationships to team building and from problem solving to design thinking and innovation.



4 Core Areas

Our program is built into four key core areas; Grow – Learn – Lead and Succeed.  Each module is built like a jigsaw, designed to connect each distinct skill set at a time. For example you will have a better understanding of leading teams and building relationships when you also understand the dynamics of a team and conflicts within teams. It makes much better sense.


Learn at your own pace

Our members have 1 year access to the site  to complete the program at their own pace. It takes about 1-2 hours to complete each module, and each course is released every fortnight. After you learn each skill set you try different techniques to bring that into your work.  The program works on any smart device, anytime, anywhere around the world. Members learn far more quicker than trying to figure it out for themselves. 

Learn from real-world experts.

The strongest online personal development program

TiQ was built from the heart, with a passion for future learning and personal growth.  We don’t just envision progress and excellence. We commit to it.

Our Story

People are our most valuable strength when it comes to building a successful business. Our story started with a small idea about 2 years ago and how we could play our part in working with those who wanted to create an inclusive environment, where personal and career development was available to everyone at an affordable rate.

A little bit about us

Our founders had one dream – to solve a global problem and build a platform dedicated entirely to those that needed direction in their personal and professional development and one that made absolute sense.

Bringing out the best in your personal and professional development

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is disrupting almost every industry and bringing advanced robotics, autonomous transport, artificial intelligence and machine learning. These developments will transform the way we live and work. The impact that the fourth Industrial Revolution will have on us is not yet fully know.

What is certain though is that the future workforce will need to align its skill-sets to keep pace. According to the World Economic Forum, while Technology holds great promise for future prosperity and job creation, many will pose major challenges requiring proactive adaptation by companies and individuals. Many occupations will undergo a fundamental transformation. Keep on top of the skills required by our ever changing environment and don’t get left behind.

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